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One of the MOST FUN Vacation Activities

We visited Bigfoot Zipline the week of Sept 15 2014. We came in a big group with people ranging from 5 years to 65 years. We had a terrific time! Our guides, Gilligan and Joe really ROCKED! Very helpful and professional. I was worried for the safety of my grandkids but they promptly put my worries to rest with their outstanding focus on safety. I very much recommend this to ANYBODY who is in the area. One of the MOST FUN vacation activities I’ve ever done!

Barb September 15, 2014

Absolutely LOVED It!!!

We went today and absolutely LOVED it!!! My friend is scared of heights but our guides made her laugh and relax and she had the best time while conquering her fears! SHOUT OUT TO SAM AND DILLON FOR BEING SO FANTASTIC! They taught us all sorts of tricks to do on the zipline to make it even more exciting and kept us all smiling! I recommend Bigfoot to anyone who’s looking to zipline in The Dells.

Andrea Rose Gussel May 29, 2014

Outstanding Experience!

Cam and his partner Kyle, as well as the entire staff, took time to explain the course and what we could expect. They were patient, professional, and knowledgeable about the entire zip line experience and made us feel comfortable. Me, my wife and three kids (two teens and one adult) had never done this before (my only similar experience was rappelling in the military). My two girls had concerns about the height of the towers and we all had a general nervousness about what we were about to do. But after the practice tower and the first actual zip site, it got much easier and we all felt more comfortable – even to the point of performing “tricks” on the subsequent courses. They helped us to trust the reliability of our equipment and the direction/instruction of our guides. All of us overcame certain phobias/ fears and felt much more self-confidence. I recommend this experience for everyone.

Nicholas M Williams May 29, 2014

My husband, I, and his family went this weekend. My in laws have been zip lining many times, even in Hawaii and they said that by far, this was the most thrilling time they have had. Jake and Sugar went above and beyond as instructors. They were personable, intuitive, funny, and supportive. I, unlike my husband and his family, am more of a read a book and watch from the sidelines type of person but watching Jake and Sugar have so much fun and be fearless was contagious, I was the only one to not do any type of trick (like hanging upside down) and on the second to last one Jake harnessed me up and asked what I was going to do and I said I would go upside down. Everyone cheered me on and Sugar was pretty pumped when he caught me. It was an amazing experience of taking chances, getting to know people, and step outside your comfort zone. High five to Jake, Sugar and Bigfoot Zipline. Definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone

Sweetbee Prilipp June 21, 2014

Most Fun in a Really Long Time

We were just driving through the Dells, looking for a way to celebrate our 26th Wedding Anniversary along with our two youngest kids, Joe and Dani. I spotted the Bigfoot Ziplines sign and without hesitation veered left to see if we could get in. As luck would have it there was one more opening! I have a dreadful fear of heights but after meeting “Tommy Boy” and “Taylor” I knew I was in for a memorable, crazy, yet safe experience. I was psyched to be going down my first zip line but soon we were upside down, spinning, trust falling and shouting “Tommy Boy” at the top of our lungs as we jumped off the platform “Geronimo style”.

I am 53 years old and this was the most fun I have had in a really long time. We talked about it for days and since we have 6 kids in total, we plan to return with the others so they can experience the fun. No doubt, “Tommy Boy” and “Taylor” made it a special experience, we were high fiving, laughing and swapping stories over the 2.5 hours of good times. All I can say to those who haven’t visited Bigfoot Ziplines is…what are you waiting for?

See you guys soon!

Brian and Kelli March 17, 2013

It’s Two Hours of Exhilarating Fun!

My family recently visited The Dells for a vacation. One of the highlights of our trip was the Bigfoot Zipline Tour. Our guides were Tommy and Russ and they were awesome! They were very friendly, fun and safety conscious. I would highly recommend doing this to anyone planning a visit to The Dells. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s 2 hours of exhilarating fun! The experience is something we’ll always remember!

Dan N. July 21, 2010

Most Memorable Birthday Ever

I went on the Bigfoot Zipline Tour yesterday for my 32nd birthday.  It was the most memorable birthday ever.  Our guide Tommy was great and was an amazing two hour experience/adventure.  It was well worth the money spent and I have already told a dozen people about it.  I can’t wait to take the rest of my family there and have talked about taking our employees there for an end of the year bonus reward.  I would recommend this to anyone of almost any age.  My five year and nine year old sons are going to love it.  Thank you again for making it a great birthday for me and I look forward to going again real soon.

July 11, 2010

Lifelong Memories Made!

We took a family vacation with 4 kids from age 6-10! The kids had a fantastic time! Lifelong memories made! Totally worth it!

Richell S December 16, 2017

A Big Thumbs Up...

My 13 year old twins did the seven course ziplining adventure yesterday and had a blast. Their guides Jake and Jackson were attentive, knowledgeable and thoroughly trained. I felt very comfortable leaving my kids in their hands, although I must admit I was too much of a chicken to try the zip line myself. Maybe next year! A big thumbs up…

November 25, 2017


My husband and I went on this zip line on August 4th and it was AMAZING! Over a mile of cable going through trees and over a small lake. From a couple of towers you can see nearby Noah’s Ark. We had tour guides Sarah & Wes and they were so great with everyone and the kids. Do the double bundle for a discount and do the Wild Things tour located at the same facility. We did that in the rain and it was fun to whip around the lake in the 1500 horse power boat.

Keep up the great work, you all provided excellent customer service and memorable experiences!

Kimberly V. August 6, 2017

GREAT Experience for us all!

Gabe and Ric were amazing! Fun, energetic, made everyone feel relaxed and knew everyones names by the end! GREAT experience for us all! (kids are 8 and 13 and loved every minute of it)

Jtzb G. July 19, 2017

The Kids Were Blown Away

My family had the greatest time! David and Jason were most excellent tour guides by providing us with clear, easy instructions and lots of jokes to take the edge off. My husband and two children, 11 and 7, had no problems at all! I was a little shaky but they really went above and beyond to boost my confidence and assist me through the entire adventure. The kids were blown away with the coolness factor at an all time high! Thank you guys for helping us finish out our Dells weekend with a bang!

Jaclyn R. July 10, 2017

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